Portable Solar Lantern Lamp for Camping

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The highly convenient Portable Solar Lantern Lamp for Camping ensures that you have a hassle-free and well-lit experience during your nighttime adventures. With its compact design and reliable solar power, it provides the perfect lighting solution for all your camping needs.

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Our Portable Solar Lantern Lamp for Camping is designed to enhance safety and comfort during your outdoor adventures. This remarkable lantern emits a soft and bright 360-degree light that instantly creates a sense of security. This lantern comes with 30 LED bulbs that provide excellent brightness without causing any discomfort or strain to your eyes.


The carefully thought-out design ensures that the emitted light is perfectly balanced, avoiding any glare effects. Not only this Portable Solar Lantern Lamp for Camping is very bright, but it is also very compact. Its lightweight construction folds easily, allowing you to conveniently pack it into a backpack or emergency kit.

With its space-saving design, you can now take a reliable light source with you wherever you go. Made from military grade ABS material, this Portable Solar Lantern Lamp for Camping can withstand the harshest conditions. Its durability ensures it can withstand rough handling and the harsh outdoors. Additionally, the lantern is waterproof(IP65), making it suitable for use in inclement weather without compromising its functionality.


Additionally, our lanterns proudly maintain the highest quality standards, being FCC Certified and RoHS Compliant. This certification guarantees that this Portable Solar Lantern Lamp for Camping complies with strict safety and environmental regulations.

Incredibly bright, compact, durable, and waterproof, our camping lantern lights are the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. Experience the ease of use and reliability of our exceptional lanterns today.



Product Name Portable Solar Lantern Lamp for Camping
Product Mode ODCO1A
Color Green + black
Input/Output Input Type-C 5V-0.8A, output USB 5V-1A
Battery Capacity 18650 battery 3000mAh (3-4 hours full)
Waterproof Class IPX65
Brightness Spotlight 200Lm, auxiliary light 500Lm
Certification CE/FCC/un38.3/msds/RoHS
Patents Utility model patent 202321124425.4, Chinese appearance patent 20233012269.5 US Appearance patent (under examination by the Patent Office)
Product Feature IP65 waterproof, standard light source test solar panel 16 hours full lithium battery, spotlight 2 brightness/strobe "SOS" mode, auxiliary lamp compression off, up and down 2 hooks, hand handle
Warranty 24 months
Product Size 98*98*166mm
Color Box Size 105*105*175mm
Net Weight 550g
Packing quantity 30pcs
Gross weigh 19.3kg

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